What’s the Diff? Waterproof vs Weatherproof vs Water Resistant

It’s getting chilly out and that means you’re pulling out your latest combat booties, riding boots, fur-lined go-tos or whatever winter footwear you love.

Just because it’s a boot or bootie, does not mean it is intended for winter weather or nasty elements. It’s especially important to note whether your boots or booties or synthetic or real leather, which if not waterproof or weatherproof, will get warped and really weather-beaten in snow or rain.

If your boot or bootie does not specify any water or weather resistance, it is essentially just a taller shoe and aside for keeping your warmer, provides no better protection than any shoes.

So now for all those terms and what they mean.

Water resistant footwear- typically only suedes- are treated with a chemical spray to keep water out, but are not designed for standing in snow, puddles, or slush. Therefore, there will be seepage and your feet will get wet in very rainy or snowy weather, or by standing in a puddle or snow. Weatherproof and water repellant essentially mean the same thing as water resistant.

Waterproof footwear are treated, usually with a thin additional layer, to be impervious to water and keep you completely dry, even in deep snow or standing in water. You want to look for guaranteed waterproof on your boots or booties that your wear when the weather turns really wet.

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