How to Care for Velvet Shoes

Velvet is a luscious, deep fabric that adds depth and dress factor to shoes. They're really versatile and easy to maintain, much more than suede, as velvet is a synthetic fabric, typically lined with leather, while suede is made from the actual animal hide. Your velvet holiday or dress footwear can maintain their rich, luscious appearance if you follow these simple steps to care for and maintain them.
1. Pretreat new velvet footwear with a reputable weatherproofing spray. This protects the fibers from stains and water. Respray the velvet after cleaning every few weeks to maintain.
2. Spot clean velvet with a damp cloth. Just as velvet clothing is easy to wash and maintain, spot cleaning velvet typically removes imperfections.
3. When velvet shoes rub against each other in the box, or during use, it's normal for the nap of the fabric to appear as though it is stained or discolored. Simply steam the velvet with a steamer or kettle (just allow the steam to touch the shoe, not the hot metal) and watch stains and imperfections disappear.

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