How to Care for and Maintain Suede

Suede is the perfect clean, classy fabric with a warm winter feel for your fall wardrobing. Made from the underside of the animal hide, suede is softer and more pliable than, though not as durable as, the outer skin layer which is tanned to create the typical leather used in footwear, handbags and jackets. Nubuck is actually full-grain leather that’s been sanded or buffed to give it a slight nap, so while it looks like suede, is not suede.
The best way to care for this rich, but delicate fabric is
1.    Pre-treat it with a good, reputable weatherproofing spray. This protects the fibers from stains and water. Respray the suede after cleaning it every few weeks.
2.    Use a good suede brush (typically made with coarse bristles) to remove dirt and imperfections. Always allow mud to dry overnight before brushing.
3.    Use a suede eraser to spot clean
4.    Keep the shoes in the correct-size shoe trees between uses
5.    Unless they are 100% waterproof, avoid wearing suede in slushy, wet, or inclement weather
6.    Treat water stains with water. Counterintuitive as it sounds, use a lightly dampened suede brush or rag to wipe down the entire shoe and then insert shoe trees to maintain shape.
7. Use a reputable suede renew after cleaning to revitalize your footwear and give it a new look.

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